Raggedy Ann & Andy

Friday January 21 by Claudia bourneArts Wire
For , a library of eight books is available. If your interest is nothing but dolls, Raggedy Ann & Andy ID Guide (Gold Horse Publishers, 1998) is for you. It is a guide to dating, identifying, and evaluating dolls 1918-1965. If your interest is still in the dolls, but you’d like a little “extra,” The Raggedy Ann & Andy Family Album, 2nd edition (Schiffer Ltd, 1998) is a good choice for a single reference. It covers dolls made by the five best known companies: Knickerbocker, Georgene, Applause, Volland, and Mollye, and it has a nice sampling of other collectibles like storybooks and games. The 500 illustrations are all in color, with a price guide.

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